Are there good Christmas light neighborhoods in Fayetteville?

Growing up, one of my favorite holiday activities was to drive around with my family on a cold December evening every year and check out what the Griswolds of the world had done to their houses for the holidays.

There were animatronic reindeer, giant inflatable Santa Clauses, snowmen, fake snow, and of course, tons and tons of bright Christmas lights. We would rate the places we liked the most. Sometimes, we’d drive back by our favorite places just to see if anything new had been added.

As a kid, it was amazing.

I remember one place in Fayetteville that would go nuts every year, and a guy in a Santa suit and a few kids dressed as elves stood out in the driveway handing out candy to the cars full of light-gawkers. That’s dedication.

Recently, someone asked us where to find the best neighborhoods in Fayetteville for Christmas-lights, and while I know that the Lights of the Ozarks are pretty elaborate, outside of that I’ve kind of lost track.

So, I’m asking you guys. Are there still good neighborhoods in town to go look at Christmas lights? Where are those neighborhoods?