You’ve got until Jan. 13 to use your 2010 trash stickers

If your 2010 extra trash stickers are still hanging out in a drawer or on the side of your refrigerator, you might want put them some place in view so you don’t forget about them. You’ve got until Jan. 13 before they expire.

Many people use them around Christmas to get rid of all that extra gift garbage. Others pull them out after a big summer party. Ours usually end up expiring (I live kind of a boring life).

Don’t forget that if your trash bags don’t fit completely into your bin (lid closed), you’ll likely be charged an extra $6 if you don’t have one of these stickers attached to each overflow bag.

By now, you should’ve received your four free 2011 stickers. If not, give the city’s Solid Waste and Recycling Division a call at 575-8398. You can also call them if you need extra stickers.