Cox Communications makes lineup changes for school and city channels

If you’re a Cox customer who is a fan of the Fayetteville school and government channels, you probably already know about the recent lineup changes.

If not, take note of the following moves/additions that occurred on Dec. 9:

The Fayetteville Government Channel is now on 216, public access is on 218, the Fayetteville Public Education Channel is on 217, and UATV is on channel 214.

Since these channels are now digital, you’ll need a converter box to view them. For more info on on how to obtain one at a discounted rate (possibly even for free), call Cox at 1-888-249-3774.

New school and city channel lineup

Channel Programming Change
214 University of Arkansas Moved from 14
216 Fayetteville Government Moved from 16
217 Fayetteville Schools New
218 Fayetteville Public Access Moved from 18
219 Springdale Schools New
220 Springdale Government Moved from 16
221 Rogers Schools New
222 Bella Vista Community TV New