Hoot 2 Scoot Bicycle & Scooter Rental coming to town

In case you didn’t read the above headline, allow me to share some good news with you. A new bicycle and scooter rental shop is going to be opening in town soon.

Fayetteville resident Melanie Chambers has purchased 20 Honda Metropolitan scooters, and is in the process of purchasing bicycles and securing a lease to open up Hoot2Scoot Bicycle & Scooter Rental on the corner of Block Avenue and Dickson Street in March 2011.

Chambers said the idea to open the shop in Fayetteville came to her pretty naturally.

“My friends are always borrowing my scooter,” she said. “Plus, every time we go on vacation, we rent bicycles and scooters, and there isn’t a place to rent scooters here.”

Pricing for rentals haven’t been determined yet, but Chambers is optimistic that her business will go over well in Fayetteville.

“If nothing else, I know I’ll be able to rent them to my friends,” she said.