Video: Lunar Eclipse from 12/20/10

If you slept through the Dec. 20 lunar eclipse, don’t feel too bad. There will be another one similar to it in 400 years or so.

Another reason to not feel bad is because local multi-media enthusiast Daniel Gold was all over it, documenting the whole thing in a live webcast. He also set the whole thing to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Today, he made the entire webcast available on YouTube.

According to Daniel, over 19,000 people worldwide watched his live web cast. I love that dude.

On a whim I decided to webcast the view of the lunar eclipse, reporting live from my front yard, stretching extension cords to bring laptop and camera outside and stay connected — just to share the event online.

19,326 people watched the lunar eclipse live video webcast on my channel (!) The viewers came from around the world, and wrote many foreign languages in the chatroom – Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, and most of the 50 states (some too cloudy to see the moon). Up to 6000 people watched continuously for hours, watching a combined 211 days worth of video.