Tuesday To-do: Jan. 4

Bear with us while we catch our breath. It’s been a wild week for news around here. Kidding, of course.

Fayetteville holiday tunnels are always long and quiet (and possibly dangerous if you’re a newspaper machine). Fortunately, there’s light ahead which means we’re almost out of this thing.

A few other Arkansas towns picked up the slack in terms of holiday news.

There was a horrible tornado on New Year’s Eve which shut down XNA and killed three people in Cincinnati.

A day later near Beebe, more than 1,000 dead blackbirds fell from the sky, and shortly after that, nearly 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River.

The latter two pieces of news put Arkansas in the running for The Daily Show’s annual Leading Exporter of Absolute Batsh*t Insanity award. Fair enough.


Like it or not, sports will dominate the evening. Razorback sports, that is. By our estimates, 92% of Arkansas fans will be watching the football Hogs take on Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, 6% will be watching the basketball Hogs take on Texas on ESPNU, and the remaining weirdos will have two televisions set up in their living room so they can watch both (don’t ask us how we know this).

For those who refuse to call the Hogs, you’re not exactly on your own. There’s a great show on Mt. Sequoyah with Still on the Hill‘s Kelly Mulhollan, jazz at Teatro Scarpino and an artist’s reception at Ozark Natural Foods.

Oh, and it’s the first official city council meeting for new aldermen Mark Kinion and Justin Tennant (Rhonda Adams is on a research trip in Germany and will take her oath of office on Jan. 11).


Ozark Natural Foods: Artist Reception for Katie Fritz
Mt. Sequoyah: Kelly Mulhollan
Teatro Scarpino: JAZZ for the New Year

Public Meetings

City Council Meeting* (agenda): City Hall, Room 219 – 6:00 p.m.

* Meetings scheduled to be televised by the Fayetteville Government Channel