New Fayetteville City Council members sworn in

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
Returning alderwoman Adella Gray (left) and new aldermen Mark Kinion (middle) and Justin Tennant (right) take the oath of office to open Tuesday night’s Fayetteville City Council meeting.

Two of Fayetteville’s three new City Council members were sworn in Tuesday night to kick off the first council meeting of the year.

Mark Kinion and Justin Tennant took the oath of office along with returning Ward 1 Alderwoman Adella Gray and returning City Attorney Kit Williams.

Kinion, who won the November race against Adam Fire Cat, will replace Kyle Cook to represent Ward 2 along with Matthew Petty.

Tennant, who faced no opponent, is replacing Robert Rhoads to serve in Ward 3 alongside Bobby Ferrell.

“I always look at the new year as a rejuvenation of spirit and interest,” said Fayetteville District Court Judge Rudy Moore before asking the new officials to raise their right hands. “It is always a pleasure for me to appear every couple of years to welcome the new council members, honor the incumbents, and to honor the city attorney.”

Williams was the first to take the oath repeating the following:

I Kit Williams do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the State of Arkansas, the constitution of the United States, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of City Attorney on which I am about to enter.

Gray, Kinion and Tennant took a similar oath. (Click below to hear audio of the council oath)


“Enjoy this moment and remember this moment,” said Mayor Lioneld Jordan after the ceremony. “Over the next four years, it may get a little interesting.”

Incoming Alderwoman Rhonda Adams, who won the Ward 4 election against Jeff Dickey to replace Shirley Lucas, was out of the country Tuesday. She will represent Ward 4 next to Sarah Lewis.

“My husband and I planned a trip to Germany many months ago to do some research on his book project,” Adams told us last week before leaving the U.S. “I am looking forward to taking the oath of office on the 11th at the agenda session and have no more travel plans until summer vacation!”