George’s to show indie film Shotgun Stories tonight (1/9)

When I heard George’s was switching it up this week and showing some indie films on Sunday night for their weekly Monster Mug Night, I thought, “Cool idea.”

When I heard they were showing Shotgun Stories, the 2007 film by Little Rock native Jeff Nichols, though, I almost did a triple flip with excitement.

Jeff is the brother of Lucero frontman Ben Nichols (who also contributed the sountrack to the film), and Shotgun Stories is his critically acclaimed debut. The movie was shot entirely in Arkansas, and is the story of the feud that erupts between two sets of half brothers after the death of their father.

From everything I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be incredible, and after almost four years of waiting, I’m finally going to get to see it tonight.

The movie starts at 9 p.m., and admission to Monster Mug night at George’s is always free. Afterwards, George’s will show The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and if things are going well, they’ll show a third film.

Who’s up for a movie night?