StyleBy.Me showcases fashionable local people

There are a lot of fashionable people in Fayetteville.

Now, thanks to the new local website StyleBy.Me, those fashionable people have a place to show off their style.

The site, launched in November 2010 by local entrepreneurs Josh Clemence and Anna Chatelain, has a pretty simple concept. Locals submit photos of their “look,” along with info on what they are wearing including where they got the pieces of their ensemble. Visitors to the site can then draw inspiration for their own style, as well as track fashion trends in their city.

StyleBy.Me resembles the popular style-sharing site, but features only submissions from Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. Clemence feels that bringing a local element to the “lookbook” concept may be the key to success.

StyleBy.Me screenshot

“ is a wonderful site with a huge audience and big time sponsors,” Clemence said. “I think it misses a huge opportunity by completely abandoning local. When you focus locally, the community is stronger and more active because users are more likely to know each other.”

It would appear that he’s right. To date, StyleBy.Me has posted more than 150 local “looks,” and those looks have received over 37,000 pageviews since the site launched a month and a half ago.

Now, Clemence and Chatelain are making plans to expand into other markets.

“We are excited to announce that Nashville, TN is the first city we are expanding to,” Clemence said. “We have already received interest from quite a few cities and we are very anxious to establish ourselves in new markets.”

To submit, all you have to do is snap some photos of your look, and fill out the submission form. Clemence said that there is an editorial process involved in posting to the site, but that to this point, no submissions have been denied.

“Everyone has made the cut that has followed the rules,” he said. “We don’t screen style based on our preference. StyleBy.Me is about your style.”

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