Wednesday To-do: Jan. 12

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
Dusty patches of snow blow across the sidewalk along Mountain Street early Tuesday morning as temperatures dropped into the single digits.

With temperatures dropping into the single digits, we’re feeling a little cheated this week. If we’ve got to put up with weather like this, the least Mother Nature (you do capitalize that, right?) could do is give us some snow. Real snow, that is.

Looking at the 10-day forecast offers no hope in the powder department. Only rain on Sunday. Where there’s rain, though, there’s warmer weather.


The @georgesmajestic Twitter feed informed us this morning that Taddy Porter will not be playing tonight at George’s. The show, according to the tweet, will be rescheduled sometime in the spring.

With that show pulled from the list, anyone braving the weather tonight will have to choose from Wii bowling at Smoke & Barrel, DJs Spiff and Havok at FIX or Tiffany Christopher at Greenhouse Grille.

Or you could light a fire in the fireplace and watch the Arkansas men’s basketball team take on LSU at 7 p.m. (40/29 TV).

Stay warm.

The list

Common Grounds: Nathan Aronowitz
Greenhouse Grille: Tiffany Christopher
George’s Majestic Lounge: Taddy Porter / Red Line Chemistry Canceled
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Urban Achievers Wii Bowling
Fix: DJs: Spiff and Havok


Men’s Basketball: Arkansas vs. LSU – Baton Rouge, LA – 7:00 p.m. – 40/29TV

Public meetings

Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee: City Hall, Room 111 – 4:00 p.m.
Active Transportation Advisory Committee: City Hall, Room 326 – 5:30 p.m.