Snow takes over Fayetteville

Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge
Fayetteville resident Kenny Williams rides his bike in the snow on Dickson Street Tuesday morning.

Early morning sleet turned to heavy snow by 9:00 a.m. in most areas of Northwest Arkansas. Fifteen minutes later, the 40/29 weather team began predicting snowfall rates of over two inches per hour.

Public schools are closed, the University of Arkansas is closed, city services are closed, and Governor Mike Beebe has declared a state of emergency.

“We are known for wild weather swings in Arkansas, but to have snow, ice and severe thunderstorms in the same day is rare,” Governor Beebe said. “We are monitoring this storm throughout the morning to gauge where its impact will be heaviest.”


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Who’s open?

Flyer Wire

There are plenty of lists of area closings, but there’s never much information to be found about what places are open during a snow storm.

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