Stickers not required – City says no extra trash bag charges this week

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Fayetteville residents are issued four stickers each year for trash bags that won’t fit into their carts. After that, there’s a $6 fee per extra bag. Those rules will not apply this week, due to the cancellation of routes this week.

Update: Monday routes have resumed. Here is the full update from the city.

Update: According to a news release, there will be no Saturday pickup. This story has been updated to reflect the latest information we received from the City of Fayetteville at 4 p.m. Friday.

Saturday marked the fifth day in a row that Fayetteville curbside trash pickup had been canceled due to slick roads.

For anyone who’s wondering how they’re ever going to fit two weeks worth of trash into one cart, there’s some relief.

City officials have announced that there will be no extra bag charges applied this week, and residents do not need to use any of their bag stickers. In other words, just stack your extra bags beside your cart and they’ll be picked up for free.

For those who use commercial dumpsters, any overflow should be placed to the side of the container rather than in front of the dumpster. This will help city workers facilitate a faster and more tidy pickup.

Utility Director David Jurgens said routes will resume when road conditions improve. He said officials will evaluate road conditions on Monday to determine if any routes can be run.

Residents should wait to put their bins out on their normal pickup day.

Jurgens added that because of the increased trash collection required, there will be no yard waste collection this week.