Special Agenda | Fayetteville City Council Special Meeting – Feb. 8, 2011

Ward 1 Position 1 – Adella Gray
Ward 1 Position 2 – Brenda Thiel
Ward 2 Position 1 – Mark Kinion
Ward 2 Position 2 – Matthew Petty
Ward 3 Position 1 – Justin Tennant
Ward 3 Position 2 – Robert Ferrell
Ward 4 Position 1 – Rhonda Adams
Ward 4 Position 2 – Sarah E. Lewis

Mayor Lioneld Jordan
City Attorney Kit Williams
City Clerk Sondra Smith


Final Agenda
City of Fayetteville Arkansas
Special City Council Meeting
February 8, 2011

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council will be held on February 08, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. or immediately following Agenda Session in Room 326 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

A. New Business:

  1. Rock Salt for Snow and Ice Removal: An ordinance to waive competitive bidding and to approve the purchase of medium crushed rock salt for snow and ice removal.




All interested parties may appear and be heard before the City Council. If you wish to address the City Council on an agenda item please queue behind the podium when the Chair asks for public comment. Once the chair recognizes you, go to the podium and give your name and address. Address your comments to the Chair, who is the presiding officer. The Chair will direct your comments to the appropriate elected official, staff member or others for response. Please keep your comments brief, to the point and relevant to the agenda item being considered so that everyone has a chance to speak.

Interpreters or TDD for hearing impaired are available for all City Council meetings, a 72 hour advance notice is required. For further information or to request an interpreter, please call 575-8330.

As a courtesy please turn off all cell phones and pagers.

A copy of the City Council agenda is available at accessfayetteville.org or in the office of the City Clerk, 113 West Mountain, Fayetteville, Arkansas.