City extends free extra trash bag policy

Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge
With 16 inches of snow sitting on top of Fayetteville, it’s no surprise that trash collection has been suspended again today.

Hey, look on the bright side of this. All that trash you’ve got piled up outside your door would be a whole lot stinkier if it were any warmer out there.

City officials today announced that the no-stickers-needed policy will be extended an extra week. It’s a good thing, too, because the city’s trash trucks might not make it out for a while.

“All efforts are being made to collect the trash is a timely manner, however, it is possible that residential routes might not be able to run the rest of this week,” said Utility Director David Jurgens. “When solid waste crews can’t pick up trash, these crews are assisting other city teams in snow removal efforts. We greatly appreciate your patience as we deal with these extreme snow events.”

When the streets are clear enough for the trash trucks to drive on, just pile your bags up by the road and they’ll be picked up at no extra charge.

Even though city staff isn’t sure when the streets will be clear enough, they’re suggesting that some residents put their trash out now.

“Residents who have Wednesday and Thursday collections are encouraged to leave their trash carts and recycling bins out as every effort will be made to collect their routes when possible,” said Jurgens. “With warmer temperatures predicted for next week all routes should be able to catch up.”

Jurgens added that those who use commercial dumpsters should place overflow trash to the side of the container rather than in front of the container as it will greatly facilitate faster and more tidy pickup when collections resume.