Central Arkansas earthquakes felt in Fayetteville

Just as the thunderstorm was rolling into town last night, the first of three earthquakes shook the state of Arkansas.

A 4.7 magnitude quake with an epicenter near Greenbrier was felt at around 11 p.m. Sunday night. 18 minutes later, a 3.8 magnitude quake hit the same area. A third earthquake, this time a magnitude 3.6, struck at around 2:45 a.m. near Guy, Arkansas.

The 4.7 magnitude earthquake is the largest in a series of more than 700 small earthquakes that have occurred in the area just north of Little Rock since 2009.

Several people in Fayetteville reported feeling the first quake. Chris Lankford of Modus Studio, a local architecture firm, was at work on the 5th floor of the EJ Ball Building in downtown Fayetteville when the building began shaking.

“It only lasted a couple of seconds. It just felt like the building was vibrating,” he said. “At first we thought it was wind from the storm until we checked Twitter and found out it was an actual earthquake.”

Did you notice anything? If so, where were you and what did it feel like?