Art Amiss awards $300 grant to local band Memphis Pencils

Fayetteville band Memphis Pencils received a $300 grant recently from local arts organization Art Amiss to help cover professional mastering costs for their upcoming album.

The new Memphis Pencils record, “Shhh, I’m Rustic,” is set to be released as a 7″ single that comes with a full-length digital download later this spring. According to Martin from the band, aside from the mastering needed, the record is basically finished.

Art Amiss accepts grant proposals from Arkansas artists, musicians, fashion designers, and writers year-round. In December 2010, the group awarded a $300 grant to another local band, Egyptr, to help with recording costs for their new album.

Art Amiss is a Fayetteville-based artists’ collective with the expressed purpose of creating opportunities for emerging artists in Arkansas. Artists may also utilize to upload, share and sell their work online.