Streamside Protection Best Management Practices Manual

The City of Fayetteville proudly introduces the Streamside Protection Best Management Practices Manual. This manual is a companion to the streamside protection ordinance, which was adopted by the City Council on March 1, 2011. The manual can be used as a tool by all citizens to reduce the amount of pollutants in Fayetteville ’s waterways, which will improve the health of the City’s streams and reduce the costs of treating drinking water.

The manual provides an explanation of items that are included in the streamside protection ordinance, why certain practices improve water quality, and what interested citizens can do to minimize their impact on our waterways. The manual also covers subjects that contribute to pollution in the waterways but are not regulated by ordinance, such as how to properly dispose of pet waste. Resource guides include information about native plant species, how to get free soil testing and where to contact certified arborists.

Clean water is important to the entire community. Almost half the streams in Fayetteville ultimately flow into Beaver Lake , our drinking water supply, and all the waterways provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Following the best practices in the Streamside Protection Best Management Practices Manual will help ensure that Fayetteville continues to enjoy a valuable resource.

The manual can be viewed and downloaded at