JJ’s Grill to open a Beaver Lake location at Prairie Creek Marina

There are plenty of ways to get to the two current JJ’s Grill locations in Northwest Arkansas. You can drive your car, ride a horse (not recommended), fly your helicopter (you have a helicopter?), walk, bike, motorbike, wheelbarrow, or cartwheel.

To this point, however, no JJ’s location has been accessible by boat.

That will change next month with the opening of JJ’s Grill on the Lake.

We recently got word that JJ’s owner Jody Thornton had purchased leased the old Marina Cafe building at Prairie Creek Marina on Beaver Lake, and was renovating the space to open a lakeside location next month. Turns out, it’s true.

“It’s a really cool space and it’s literally floating on the lake,” said JJ’s marketing director Jenn Hart. “Now we just have to make it into a JJ’s.”

Hart said that JJ’s on the Lake will feature a lot of the favorites from the JJ’s menu offered at other locations in Northwest Arkansas. The restaurant will also have marina access, and will be open with free live music each week from Wednesday through Sunday.

If all goes according to plan, JJ’s Grill on the Lake will be open for business by the end of April, and seasonally thereafter from April through September each year.


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