Prescribed burn at Lake Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Ark. – March 24, 2011 – A prescribed burn is scheduled for this afternoon at Lake Fayetteville, if predicted weather conditions materialize. The site that will be burned is approximately nineteen (19) acres in size and is located north of the Environmental Study Center on Lakeview Drive. The purpose of the burn is to restore native prairie vegetation in the area while also decreasing the threat of a catastrophic wildfire occurring in the future.

Wildland, LLC will conduct today’s burn. The burn will only be implemented under a strict set of weather and environmental parameters such as fuel moisture, wind direction and speed, relative humidity and smoke dispersion indices.

Citizens may see or smell smoke while the burn is conducted until ignition operations are complete. The paved and nature trails from the Environmental Study Center to the Botanical Gardens will be closed while the burn is conducted. Public access to this area of the park will be restricted during the burn. Public safety is the number one priority for the City and burn contractor. Please call Parks and Recreation at 479-444-3471 for closure information.