Now open: Washington County Courthouse parking deck

Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge
A vehicle enters the new Washington County Courthouse parking deck early Monday morning. The deck is now open after being closed since October 2008.

The days of searching for a parking space in the neighborhoods surrounding the Washington County Courthouse are over.

The building’s new parking deck opened Monday morning after being closed for nearly two and a half years.

Upper level view

The deck was closed in October 2008 after a hole appeared on its upper level. The construction project, which included complete demolition of the structure, began in August 2009.

Originally scheduled to open in August 2010, the deck’s official opening was delayed after drilling crews discovered unexpected underground rock formations. The geological issues required crews to drill deeper holes and install additional steel casings for the deck’s support piers.

Though parking is now available, the deck project isn’t totally complete. The lower-level Church Street entrance is still under construction. Drivers seeking lower-level parking spaces may enter at College Avenue or from the upper-level which can be accessed from East Dickson Street.

As of early Monday morning, drivers had already begun using both levels of the new deck.