Fayetteville Animal Shelter collecting recipes for first ever cookbook

Photo: smiteme, CC 2.0 / Enlarge
Pink Pooch Muffins dog biscuits made from beets, oats and applesauce. (Full recipe)

Know of any good recipes for a tasty canine casserole? How about puppy popsicles? Feline fish sticks?

City officials today announced that the Fayetteville Animal Shelter is collecting recipes for its first ever “Doggone Perrrfect Recipes” cookbook. Recipes for human and four-legged foodies will be accepted through June 12, 2011. All proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go to help the animals at the city’s shelter.

“We hope that the cookbook will be a community effort that will reflect the love and hard work that all the volunteers, staff, and community members have for the shelter and its animals,” said officials in a statement. “The shelter is hoping to have the cookbook back and ready to sell in August, so it will be available at Farmers’ Market and ready for the holiday season.”

How to submit a recipe:

1. Head over to typensave.com, enter your name as the contributor, use the group login fas123 (all lowercase), use the contributor password fas456 (all lowercase), and follow the simple instructions.

2. Email recipes to Justine Middleton, the city’s animal services superintendent, at [email protected]

3. Mail hard copies of recipes directly to the shelter at: Fayetteville Animal Shelter, 1640 S. Armstrong Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701

For more information, contact Justine Middleton at 479-444-3456.