Art Amiss 14 call for entries

Art Amiss 14 will be held on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Deadline for art submissions is May 1. Literature submissions are due April 17.

Artists are responsible for delivering art to the event and removing their art following the event. Art Amiss will not be liable for any damages, loss or theft of the work resulting from these circumstances.


  • Must be originally from or current residents of Arkansas
  • May not have current gallery representation, or show currently touring work
  • May not show in more than two (2) consecutive Art Amiss events
  • May not submit for exhibition pieces that have been previously shown at an Art Amiss function or event
  • * Work must be show-quality format and fully prepared for display. Two-dimensional art must be outfitted with hanging wire or it will not be displayed.

    Submitting Art

    2-D and 3-D work:
    Artists may submit up to 8 works for consideration. Please use the following guidelines.

    Email [email protected] with the following information:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Website – If you have one
    • Brief bio
    • Artist Statement
    • Inventory – For each work submitted, include the following information:
      • Title – image filename should match closely, i.e. “selfportrait.jpg” for “Self Portrait”
      • Medium – Height X Width ( X Depth, if 3-D)
      • Dimensions
      • Date
      • Price


    Artists may submit up to 8 digital images of current work to the review committee for consideration. If accepted, the works shown in Art Amiss 14 must be the exact works that were submitted for review. Reproductions or replacements will not be accepted for exhibition.

    Image files must be submitted in JPG format. Please attach all image files in the same email with your submission information and inventory. Do NOT combine multiple images in a single file (JPG, PDF, or otherwise). If you include multiple views of the same work (which is common for 3-D or installation), please make a note of this in the inventory.

    File resolution must be no lower than 72 dpi, no higher than 300 dpi. “DPI” means Dots Per Inch. Computer screen resolution is 72 dpi. No dimension smaller than 300 pixels. This means at 72 dpi, a 300×300 pixel image on screen would be approximately 4×4″.

    For submissions in other media, please contact:

    Literature: [email protected]
    There is no submissions fee for literary submissions. More info on the Art Amiss Publishing Facebook page. Deadline for literature submissions is April 17.

    Music: [email protected]

    Fashion: [email protected]

    Application Fee

    Application fee for Art Amiss 14 is $10, payable to ART AMISS via check, mailed to PO Box 4387, Fayetteville, AR 72702. Artists submitting work without paying the application fee will not be considered.

    Sales Commission

    During the Art Amiss 14 event, Art Amiss will manage all art sales transactions. Artists will receive payment for work sold, via check from Art Amiss, after all sales have been processed (approximately one to two weeks after the event). Art Amiss retains 10% of all sales taking place at Art Amiss 14.

    Direct questions regarding the submission process to [email protected]