2011 NAMA winners and photos

All photos: Flyer staff
Cletus Got Shot performs during the 2011 Northwest Arkansas Music Awards at George’s Majestic Lounge.

More that a million (approximately) rocker dudes, rocker chicks, bluegrass people, jammers, hip-hoppers, and two drunk women attended the 16th annual Northwest Arkansas Music Awards at George’s Thursday night, and several people won prizes.

Cletus Got Shot took home awards in the Folk/Bluegrass category and Artist of the Year, Candy Lee Long won two NAMAs for Female Singer/Songwriter and Best Female Vocalist in a band, and Randall Shreve took home the Male Vocalist and Rock Band of the Year awards.

Ashlyn Metheny, Black Pearl, Christmas Fuller Project, Messy Sparkles, Benjamin Del Shreve & Randall Shreve and 1 oz. Jig all performed, JD Paul from Messy Sparkles ended up in his underwear, and a good time was had by almost everyone.

Here are the winners of this years awards. Good job, everyone.

Cletus Got Shot

Candy Lee

Kyle Kellams, Bob Cochran

Jeff Kearney

Randall Shreve

Perpetual Werewolf

Black Pearl

Messy Sparkles

Female Singer/Songwriter
Candy Lee Long

Male Singer/Songwriter
Jeff Kearney

Fayetteville Jazz Collective

The Neta Band

Female Vocalist In a Band
Candy Lee Long

Male Vocalist In a Band
Randall Shreve

Spoken Word
Zac Henderson

DJ Shortfuze

Kory Montgomery Band

Cover Band
Tie: La Fu So, Leah & The Mojo Doctors

Memphis Pencils

Perpetual Werewolf

The Plaid Jackets

1 oz. Jig

Cletus Got Shot

The Sarah Hughes Band

Randall Shreve

Tie: The Commoners, Sound Child Crew

Brand New Artist
Messy Sparkles

The Harold Award
Harold Weities

Album Art
John Moore (Noir33), artwork for The 1 Oz. Jig – The 1 Oz. Jig

Best Producer/Studio
Adam Putman (Insomniac Studios)

Artist of The Year
Cletus Got Shot

Album of The Year
Benjamin Del Shreve – Sleeping Sweetly

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