Weekend Mix: April 29-May 1

Original photo: leanngrimes.bandcamp.com
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For this weekend’s mix, we’ve used Leann Grimes’ 14-track album cover as the graphic for the post. We had to crop the image, though, which means we needed to find the same font the original artist used. The shadow on the title is a little different, but for the most part, we think we got pretty close.

In a way, you could say we covered Leann Grimes’ cover. A cover of a cover, of sorts. But not exactly.

There are all sorts of ways to cover things, especially when it comes to music. You could cover it the same way the artist originally recorded it, you could change it up a bit, or you could completely deconstruct the song and rebuild it from the ground up.

Some people call that remixing, others say it’s still called covering.

This week’s mix starts with Leann Grimes‘ remix/cover of The Morning Benders’ “Excuses,” titled “Old Bodies Slip When They Make Love” (lyrics from “Excuses”), followed by a Morning Benders cover of Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion.”

Confused yet? If so, just forget about it and listen. It’s the weekend.

Thanks, as always, to The Tale of The Tape for sharing.


Leann Grimes – “Old Bodies Slip When They Make Love”
From Leann Grimes, available for free on his Bandcamp Page

The Morning Benders – “Mother & Child Reunion” (Paul Simon Cover)
From 2008′s The Bedroom Covers

Blood Orange – “Dinner”
Single from Dev Hynes’ new project, available now on Terrible Records

FM Belfast – “New Year”
From Don’t Want To Sleep, due 6/21 via Morr Music

Seapony – “Blue Star”
From Go With Me, due 5/31 via Hardly Art

Long Long Long – “Sure, Sometimes You Win”
From Who The Fuck Said Family Ain’t Family No More, out now on their Bandcamp

The Night Beats – “Ain’t Dumbo”
From The Night Beats, available 6/28 via Trouble In Mind

Thee Oh Sees – “I Need Seed”
First single from Castlemania, available 6/14 via In The Red

Ganglians – “Jungle”
From Still Living, available 8/23 via Lefse

Vetiver – “Can’t You Tell”
From The Errant Charm, available 6/14 via Sub Pop

Full Mix

Weekend Mix: April 29-May 1