Flyer Guide: First Thursday – May 2011

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This month’s First Thursday event will feature an outdoor art walk, gallery art, live music, a new business grand opening and more.

First Thursday Fayetteville makes its second official appearance of 2011 on the downtown Fayetteville square this month.

Here’s what we know is happening at tonight’s event which kicks off at around 5 p.m.

On the square

At least 22 artists will be set up along the east side of the square, Farmers’ Market-style, including Kimberly Cockrum, Eric C. Young, and Rachel Birdsell.

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Eden’s Edge

As part of the Walton Arts Center’s ongoing set of Artosphere events, Eden’s Edge will play at 7 p.m. in front of the Town Center on the south side of the square.

The Nashville-based country/roots band features three musicians from Arkansas – Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner, and Cherrill Green – that will likely be way too famous to play on the Fayetteville square this time next year.

As always, a charity beer garden and a kids’ zone will be set up around the square.

Fayetteville Underground

Located in the downstairs section of East Square Plaza, Fayetteville Underground will host four art exhibitions in May.

Craig Munro and Stewart Bremner Iteration / Span
Hive Gallery

Craig Munro (Birmingham, England) and Stewart Bremner (Edinburgh, Scotland) come to photography from different directions, and for this exhibition they have met in a middle ground where their individual identities have become blurred. Their work not only reflects how they see the world but seeks to illustrate the physical distance that separates the two of them, as well as the contrasting natures of the cities in which they live.

Note: Stewart will be giving an art talk on Saturday May 7th from 11a.m-12p.m. about the process and inspiration behind the exhibition as well as answer your questions.

Matthew DepperYour face here
Vault Gallery

Matthew Depper’s art exhibits serious technical prowess but uses tongue-in-cheek humor to make a point…or not. He tries not to think too much about meaning because it inevitably leads to him trying to say something meaningful, while the artist feels it is much better to have an accident.

“The last thing I want to be is boring and predictable even if it’s an effective way to survive many situations,” said Depper. “Often, I don’t know what I’m saying until I see what I’ve created, then I might have to go back and say it again. If I’m going to be telling the same story over and over, maybe I should try wearing different costumes and changing my voice a little bit each time. Maybe I should try talking like Yoda, or Kermit the frog, or some other small green thing.”

Kevin ArnoldSuite 5A
Revolver Gallery

Kevin Arnold’s paintings carry the weight of domestic disconnect through the unsentimental depiction of generic, mass-produced objects. The unnoticed, utilitarian things that facilitate our day-to-day existence — plain cardboard boxes, metal chairs, folding tables, vinyl office furniture — are presented in a deadpan, almost existential manner in order to question our sense of the familiar and the quality of the attention paid to our surroundings.

“My approach has been to paint the objects at a 1:1 ratio from direct observation,” said Arnold. “The use of trompe l’oeil and the 1:1 ratio is a means of playing with the familiarity of scale and perspective while creating an intimate, almost surreal encounter for the viewer.”

Cheri Bohn
E-Street Gallery

Cheri Bohn’s wood and stained glass works express the fusion between humans and nature, and the balance we strive to have.

“I combine tree roots and stained glass to create a unique type of art,” said Bohn. “Each piece is original as the roots set the pattern of design. My work creates a kind of fantasy world with roots morphing into dragons, butterflies, fish, and birds.”

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Other locations / Free parking

If you haven’t checked out Riffraff or The Mustache Goods & Wears, tonight’s the night to stop in.

Riffraff will be previewing some new summer arrivals and The Mustache will be celebrating its grand opening. Both stores are on the west side of the square and each will provide drinks, snacks and door prizes.

Make sure to explore the rest of the square and Block Avenue, too, as shops and restaurants will be open later than normal to showcase additional art and live music including Hjem Restaurant, Sound Warehouse, and Matt Miller Studio.

Free parking will be available after 5 p.m. at the Fayetteville Town Center garage and city lots on the square.