2011 Gulley Park Summer Concert Series lineup announced

Image: Fayetteville Parks & Recreation

The 15th annual Gulley Park Summer Concert Series begins May 26 and runs through Aug. 11. The season includes six free concerts held on select Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. at Gulley Park in Fayetteville.

2011 event poster

2011 lineup

May 26: Patricia Vonne (Austin, TX)
June 9: Tiffany Christopher Band (Fayetteville, AR)
June 23: Waylon Pierce (Fort Worth, TX)
July 14: Casual Flyze and the Earth (Fayetteville, AR)
July 28: Tim Brantley (Atlanta, GA)
August 11: Uncrowned Kings (Fayetteville, AR)

Descriptions (courtesy of Fayetteville Parks & Recreation)

Patricia Vonne
With her perfect mix of Tex-Mex firepower and a distinctive, bilingual vocal style, Patricia Vonne has earned her stripes in the ultra-competitive Austin music scene over the past ten years. Describe as a blend of folk (American, Spanish), rock, country, and blues, Patricia is known for making the castanets cry for mercy, and brings her roots and influences together musically with solid rhythms and the jangle of guitars. Her music has been described as bold and full of passion and style. With four albums released, Patricia has toured the US and Europe and is making her first appearance at Gulley Park. Get ready to be captivated and blown away!

Tiffany Christopher Band
Tiffany Christopher is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who emerged with her first solo album in 1998. Her multiple-personality vocals, bouncing guitar, and invisible percussion coming from her hands, feet, and vocals will entice you. Her original music combining elements of rock and jazz has been called a stunning display of talent and creativity. Tiffany’s stuff is so real its hard to take your eyes and ears off of her. Making her first appearance solo at Gulley Park in 2008, Tiffany is back this summer and bringing her band with her.

Waylon Pierce
Waylon’s style of music comes from deep his true Texas outlaw country music heart. His deep rich voice hits tones that set him apart from the pack while his acoustic guitar sings warm rich tones of its own. With 2 Top Ten singles and 1 Top 50 song of the year on the Texas Music Chart, his original songs are sure to find a way into your iPod. He has blended a handful of the finest professional musicians in Texas together to create a sound never before heard. Mixing outlaw country and classic rock, with heart pounding acoustic guitar, electric guitar, soul shattering harmonica, occasional mandolin, and one of the most solid and tasteful drummer / bass player combos around, Waylon Pierce and the Kings of Texas are a show not to miss.

Casual Flyze and the Earth
Casual Flyze and the Earth have been playing together in the Fayetteville area for 5 years. Their music style includes Classic Rock, R & B as well as Pop. Ranging from Marvin Gaye, ZZ Top, and Kings of Leon to Ray Charles, Coldplay, and Johnny Cash, the versatility of this band will surprise you. The roots of the sound that forms this group are represented in such varying angles. Blending their voices together with the sounds of the keyboard, guitar, bass, and mandolin, Casual Flyze and the Earth is sure to deliver.

Tim Brantley
There are few artists that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. Tim Brantley is one of those few. His first album heralds the arrival of a significant new talent, one whose music feels familiar in the best possible way, yet still fresh and distinctive. A Georgia boy currently in the Atlanta area, Tim played piano as a child, but didn’t get serious about music until he began composing songs and performing at local coffee shops and bars in his early 20s. The result was an exciting blend of pop and rock that channels musical influences like Hall & Oates, Wilco, and Fleetwood Mac while defining a distinctive style all its own. Mixing 70s pop rock, Atlanta grit, and Brantley-style wistfulness, Tim Brantley and the 10th Street Boys will be making a very exciting first appearance at Gulley Park.

Uncrowned Kings
The Uncrowned Kings are spearheaded by NWAs most powerful vocalist, Darren Ray on bass, dazzling guitar by TJ scarlet, fearlessly solid drums by Stephen Boudreaux, and masterful keyboards by Carl Thomas. These musicians have stripped themselves of their rightful places as leaders of their respective band to form a musical collective whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Covering a dizzying array of genres, The Uncrowned Kings and their four part vocals deliver high energy polished rock and roll directly to your soul.