Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon to appear at Block Street Block Party

Courtesy image
Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon grilled cheese truck is one of the vendors at the Block Street Block Party coming up May 22

Organizers of the Block Street Block Party posted a full list of events and activities scheduled for the May 22 festival, and it is almost too much awesomeness for the human mind to process.

One gem nestled in the laundry list of more than 50 community groups and vendors scheduled to participate in the first-year event is the news that Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon will be making its Fayetteville debut during the festival.

Chad Hammontree, owner of the Star Wars themed grilled cheese truck confirmed that the Grillenium Falcon will indeed be ready in time for the event.

“We’re putting the wrap on in the next week,” he said. “We may take it out for a test run or two beforehand to practice, but I guess the official unveiling will be at the block party.”

Hammontree said that he plans to serve four of the most popular gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from his restaurant and two new sandwiches in the truck. He also plans to serve a few salads, and homemade soups.

Other food vendors at the Block Street Block Party include Emelia’s Kitchen (jalapeno shrimp on a stick), FayetteGrill (tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas), Hog Brats (grilled bratwurst), and the Bank of Fayetteville (hot dogs). The Junior Roller Girls will operate a drink stand.

Block Avenue restaurants Little Bread Company and Hugo’s will be open as well (Hugo’s on a Sunday?), and Tables & Ale will be cooking up some barbecue.

We’ll have more on the Block Street Block Party between now and May 22, but for now, (in case you were worried) it looks like no one is going to go hungry during the event.