Insomniac Studios to produce local covers compilation

Local producer / engineer Adam Putman from Insomniac Studios last week announced a plan to produce a local compilation album.

Putman’s collection, however, will be a bit different than most. The record, tentatively titled “Let’s All Do Each Other NWA, Vol. 1” will feature local bands doing covers of other local bands’ “hits” (get it?).

For example, what would a Cletus Got Shot punk/grass version of a dance-y Messy Sparkles song sound like? Or vice-versa? Imagine a Hardaway & The Commoners hip-hop rendition of a 3 Penny Acre tune. See the possibilities?

To be considered for the compilation, Putman is asking musicians to post the name of their band, and their most popular song to his Facebook wall. “Not the one your drummer gets busy to, and your singer has some crap emotional attachment to,” he explained. “I want the one that people are most familiar with and know when they hear it. …your ‘hit.'”

From there, he plans to randomly match up bands with other bands’ songs, and record (for free) the local covers for the new compilation.

Here’s more from Putman’s announcement:

I’m going to pull 12(ish) of these bands/projects out of a hat. Probably one of Randall’s hats because they are very deep and can hold more information than my “newsies” hat. From the bands that I pull out of Randall’s magician’s hat, I’m going to take the song submitted by that band/project and then place those in an even sillier and MORE magical hat.

I’ll randomly begin pulling the songs out and placing them next to each band that was selected from the original silly hat. Then It will be up to that band to arrange a version of that song in their own style, as true to themselves as any original tune. We will then begin booking each band to start recording all of these tunes at which point we’ll mix/master/ and release this monster on the world and watch them run in fear.

If all goes smoothly, Putman said he hopes to release the local compilation by Winter 2011.