Art Amiss 14 music compilation to be released May 28

Let’s answer some questions, shall we?

Number one: Do you want a new compilation CD featuring twelve Arkansas bands?
Question two: Do you have $3? Last question: Are you free Saturday night?

If your answers to the above questions were, “yes,” “yeah,” and “probably” (or “uh huh”), then consider heading over to Smoke & Barrel Tavern for the release of the Art Amiss 14 compilation on Saturday, May 28 beginning at around 9 p.m.

Three local bands (Damn Arkansan, Basement Brew, Sean Fresh) from the CD will be performing on Saturday night as well.

This means that either the show is free with the purchase of the $3 CD (that’s 25¢ per track), or the CD is free with $3 admission to the show (that’s $1 per band), or both the CD and the show are $1.50 each depending on how you want to look at it. Not bad.

The $3 cover will benefit Art Amiss, a volunteer organization dedicated to providing opportunity for emerging artists living in or working from Arkansas. The funds will allow the non-profit organization to produce more compilations like this one, and support Arkansas artists (visual, literary, music, fashion, video) through monetary grants, events, and promotions.

The compilation was produced by Art Amiss music director Eric Jensen, and the album artwork was created by local artist Meredith Bennet.

Here’s the full track listing. Get yourself some local music.

Album artwork by Meredith Bennett

1. Damn Arkansan – Lafayette
2. Swimming – Summer Turtleneck
3. Fayettenam Nonet – Qatar Blues
4. Goines – Fed Up
5. Fossils of Ancient Robots – Sorry That I Walk Fast
6. Moon/Ruin – Moon/Ruin
7. Sean Fresh – School Me
8. The Purples – Superposition
9. Basement Brew – Down & Out
10. Another Place in Time – Pangaea
11. Christmas Fuller Project – John Wayne
12. Shulertown – Borrowed Time

Art Amiss 14 Album Release Party

Date: Saturday, May 28
Time: 9 p.m.
Place:Smoke & Barrel Tavern
Admission: $3