Proposed smoking ban for all Fayetteville bars fails to pass City Council

Staff photo
JR’s Lightbulb Club is one of about 30 bars, taverns and private clubs that would have been affected by an amendment to Fayetteville’s smoking ordinance.

An amendment to an ordinance that would have banned smoking in all Fayetteville bars failed to receive enough votes to pass the City Council Tuesday night.

Aldermen Mark Kinion, Bobby Ferrell, and Justin Tennant voted against the proposal. The amendment, which finished with an official vote of 5-for and 3-against, was one vote short of the necessary six votes required to pass the expanded smoking ban.

Adella Gray, Brenda Thiel, Matthew Petty, Rhonda Adams, and Sarah Lewis voted in favor of the proposed amendment.

Public comment on the controversial amendment was nearly split at the council meeting Tuesday night, and lasted more than four hours.

We’ll have more information on Tuesday night’s meeting once we’ve had some sleep, and/or some pizza (we’re starving).