Weekend To-do: June 17-19

Fayetteville ex-pats Heypenny are back in town this weekend for a show at Rogue on Sunday evening.

It is Friday, and these are the hopes and wishes we have for you this weekend.

We hope you have a pool, a boat, a good sprinkler system or maybe a slip-n-slide ’cause it’s gonna be hot. We also hope that you find some kind of frosty and refreshing beverage to help keep you cool.

We hope that you find a good show on the list below to see, and we hope that the band shows up with their rocking shoes on, and that they deliver the performance of a lifetime.

We also hope that you find a lottery ticket on the ground on the square during the farmers’ market on Saturday, and you turn that ticket in at the gas station kind of as a joke, but then you find out that it’s worth one billion U.S. dollars. We hope you’ll spend a portion of that money to have unicorns genetically engineered at a farm on the outskirts of Fayetteville, and that you’ll open the farm the public for free on the weekends. Also, please make personal jet-packs or flying cars, and sell them somewhere locally for a reasonable price.

Happy weekend.


There’s a bluesy happy hour at George’s Friday night, with Michael Burks at 6 p.m. in the garden, and RJ Mischo at 7 p.m. in the lounge. After that, Groovement will be playing some funky music.

Greenhouse Grille continues their 5-year anniversary celebration with Stevie Tombstone Friday night.

The NWA Center for Equality is hosting a Get Some – Awareness!! BBQ with free food from Backyard Burgers as part of their month-long All Out June festival.

You know what they say about Austin? Besides the fact that they’re trying to keep it weird, it’s also a good place for music. Two Austin bands will be at Smoke & Barrel Friday night, with The Atomic Duo and Mother Merey & The Black Dirt set to take the stage.

The Fayetteville Jazz Collective is celebrating its two-year birthday at the UARK Ballroom Friday night by playing some jazz music for everyone who shows up to their party.

As far as we can tell, it looks like Guta and Justin Leafler are playing at Rogue Friday night on the outdoor stage, and The Commoners will be doing an instrumental show inside.

The Boars Head Players from the University Theater will perform I Love You Because… at Nadine Baum Studios. There are shows Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.


The Fayetteville Farmers’ Market is hosting a big old Fathers’ Day celebration on Saturday. There are prizes for longest fingers, hairiest arms, and best mustache. Somebody is gonna win a free helicopter ride, too.

If you like live music with your eggs and pancakes, maybe you’ll like the 4th Annual Breakfast Boogie at Powerhouse Seafood. Boom Kinetic is playing, and the proceeds from the event will benefit Youth Bridge. Boogieing starts at 10 a.m.

David’s Pegasus singer Barry Brinegar will play an early acoustic set at the lounge at Hjem Restaurant Saturday night, followed by a full band set later on in the evening.

Remember the 26-band, three-venue music festival we told you about earlier this week that benefits ten specific families in Joplin? That’s happening on Saturday at Grub’s, Jose’s, and Smoke & Barrel. Here’s the full schedule.


There’s another Fathers’ Day celebration on Sunday at the Farmers’ Market at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. There will be vegetables on the grill, more contests, and just down the road at Mae Farm, you can take a helicopter ride for $25.

If you like Sarah Hughes, you’ll probably love Sunday in Fayetteville. You can see her for free with part of her band during a Mountain Street Stage Series performance at 2 p.m. at Fayetteville Public Library. Later on, you can see her for free again at George’s for Monster Mug night. Update: Sarah’s Sunday performance at George’s has been cancelled.

Acclaimed songwriter Slaid Cleaves will be in town for a show at Goodfolk Sunday night. The show is totally sold out, so hopefully you’ve already got tickets.

Fayetteville ex-pats, and current Nashville residents Heypenny will be at Rogue Sunday night. If you’re not familiar, they are one of the hardest working bands we’ve ever seen. They tour like crazy, promote relentlessly, and release records left and right. They’re also super creative, really fun to watch live, and have amazing dance moves. Watch this video for proof.

There’s more below, feel free to add to the list, and please don’t forget to make those jet-packs if you get rich.

Friday, June 17
George’s Majestic Lounge: Michael Burks / RJ Mischo / Groovement
Greenhouse Grille: Stevie Tombstone
Foghorn’s on College: Meagan White
Jose’s: Isayah’s Allstars
NWA Center for Equality: Get Some – Awareness!! BBQ
ROTC Grill: The Tyrones
West End: Chris Henry
JJ’s Grill: Jim Mills
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: The Atomic Duo / Mother Merey & The Black Dirt
The Wine Cellar: Jones & Leah
UARK Ballroom: Fayetteville Jazz Collective
Nadine Baum Studios: University Theater Summer Shows – I Love You Because…
Rogue Pizza Co.: The Commoners / Guta / Justin Leafler
Hjem Restaurant: Walter Savage
Saturday, June 18
Powerhouse Seafood: 4th Annual Breakfast Boogie
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: Suzuki Music School of Arkansas Harp Recital
Agri Park: Veterans Run
Brick House Kitchen: Garden to Table Dinner Series
Nadine Baum Studios: University Theater Summer Shows – I Love You Because…
Greenhouse Grille: Hog Town Hot Club
Mojo’s Pints & Pies: Catfish Jackson
Foghorn’s on College: Derek Van Lynn
George’s Majestic Lounge: Moai Broadcast / Montu / Eckobase
Jose’s: Chester P & the Vinyl Kings
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Graham Wilkinson & The Underground Township
West End: Keith Nicholson
JJ’s Grill: Nu UnYun
Rogue Pizza Co.: Bo and the Locomotive
The Lightbulb Club: The Sound of the Mountain / Saint Huck
Hjem Restaurant: David’s Pegasus
Sunday, June 19
Common Grounds: Jones n Leah
Fayetteville Public Library: Sarah Hughes
Nadine Baum Studios: University Theater Summer Shows – I Love You Because…
Greenhouse Grille: Beth Stockdell
GoodFolk: Slaid Cleaves
Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst
Rogue Pizza Co.: Heypenny
George’s Majestic Lounge: Sarah Hughes and Graham