Local blog documents Fayetteville street art

One of around 70 instances of street art in Fayetteville, documented by Fayettevillestreetart.tumblr.com.

Some of it is obvious, some of it is a little more covert, but once you start looking for it, street art is everywhere in Fayetteville.

Local resident Jake Aslin has started a Tumblr site called Fayetteville Street Art to highlight the various instances of guerilla artwork in Fayetteville, for the purpose of documenting it “before it gets destroyed or fades away.”

Aslin’s site dates back to March 11 of this year, and since then he’s found around 70 works of spray paint, sticker art, yarn bombing, and other items around town.

We stumbled across the site recently, and thought we’d share it with you guys. Check it out at fayettevillestreetart.tumblr.com.