Coming soon: Posta Plata

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew
Posta Plata, a new, upscale Mexican restaurant is opening in July at 3675 N. Mall Avenue in Fayetteville.

If you’ve ventured out to the NWA Mall area recently, you might have noticed that the building at 3675 N. Mall Ave, formerly occupied by Fuddruckers and Patron Mexican Grill, has received a serious facelift.

Soon, the building will be home to a new, upscale Mexican restaurant and tequila bar called Posta Plata.

Restaurant general manager Alex Lopez and executive chef Felipe Guytan are hoping that the Fayetteville market is ready to embrace a little bit different style of Mexican cooking.

“We think the area is ready for something different,” Lopez said. “We hope so. We definitely don’t play it safe.”

Chef Felipe Guytan

Lopez said that the menu for the new restaurant would be developed by Guytan, who certainly has some impressive credentials.

Guytan comes to the restaurant with 20 years of experience in restaurants in Mexico, and recently in the San Antonio and Dallas, Texas areas. He is also the founder of the Flavors of Passion Awards, an organization that seeks to recognize the nation’s best Latino chefs.

In addition to a more inspired-style of Mexican cooking, Lopez was excited about the drink menu he has been working on.

“Everyone is familiar with margaritas, but we want to introduce them to something new,” he said. “We have a version with cilantro and we have one with a cucumber infusion. We hope to have the largest tequila selection in the state, and our menu will have a guide so people can see what tequilas will pair best with different menu items.”

Lopez added that the restaurant will carry an extensive selection of Mexican wines.

Renovations are currently underway on the building, which was damaged by a fire last summer. Lopez said that if all goes according to plan, Posta Plata will be ready to open during the second week of July.