City seeks recycling input from residents and business owners

The City of Fayetteville is collecting feedback about recycling efforts through a set of online surveys that were recently posted.

According to John Coleman, the city’s Sustainability & Strategic Planning Director, his department has teamed up with the Solid Waste & Recycling Division to create a master plan that will develop short, mid and long-term goals and objectives for guiding future operations and programs in dealing with Fayetteville’s waste stream.

“Fayetteville would ultimately like to increase recycling capacity, and public input is crucial to understanding how to do this,” said Coleman in a news release.

There are three different surveys to choose from depending on the type of service that you currently have. The first survey is for those who have access to curbside recycling pick up (typically single-family homes and some duplexes). The second is for those who live in multi-family housing (apartments with dumpster service) and currently do not have access to recycling pick up. The last survey is for owners and managers of commercial businesses (restaurants, apartments, offices etc).

Mr. Coleman was not at his desk when we called to inquire, but after looking at the surveys, the city seems to be gauging public interest in a weekly food scrap pickup service.

From one of the questions:

The City of Fayetteville doesn’t currently have the capacity to collect food waste. In the future, if a weekly food scrap pick up service were made available through either a public or private entity at a reasonable price, would you subscribe to this service?

Survey links

» Residents with access to curbside recycling (single-family homes)

» Residents without access to curbside recycling (apartments)

» Businesses/apartment owners and managers