LED lighting brightens Frisco-Scull Creek trail connection

Photo by Todd Gill
A cyclist rides south on Frisco Trail toward Dickson Street shortly after dark Wednesday night. It was the first night the new LED light fixtures were on.

For the first time since its completion last October, the Frisco-Scull Creek trail connection was glowing Wednesday night.

The stretch of trail that crosses Dickson Street and connects Frisco Trail at Spring Street to Scull Creek Trail near Maple Street was recently outfitted with 25 new LED lights and poles.

The 50-watt fixtures, which were purchased using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, began their first full night of work just after sunset Wednesday evening.

Lack of lighting has never seemed to deter residents from using the highly trafficked connection at night. After all, it’s only a 0.4-mile section of trail, and there are lights on both sides of the stretch. Still, it’s likely a welcome addition.

Our traditional news peers would’ve stopped someone on the trail to verify that last sentence. We just took a few photos.

A daytime view from the Lafayette Street bridge looking north towards Maple Street Apartments

Looking south towards Dickson Street from under the Lafayette Street bridge

Looking north towards Lafayette Street from behind the Frisco Depot building (Chipotle)