Monday To-do: July 18

OK, look. As butts as it is out there right now, every day that this quiet, summer heat pulls at us is one day closer to fall. Before we know it, the students will be back, the weather will start cooling off, and the world will finally stop mis-abbreviating the state of Arkansas with the letters ‘AK.’

OK, so that last part was an exaggeration. The world may never know.

There are a few choices for Monday night fun on the calendar.

Over at the Fayetteville Public Library, the Wildlife Habitat Project Summer Speaker Series continues at 6 p.m. in the Walker Room. Bruce Shackleford, President of Environmental Consulting Operations, Inc. will give a presentation, titled “Backyard Wildlife Management 101.” He’ll discuss wildlife habitat enhancement strategies for both large and small properties. Those attending will also learn how to get a yard certified as an official Wildlife Habitat which can help the City of Fayetteville become the first National Wildlife Federation Certified Community Wildlife Habitat in the state of Arkansas.

Also tonight, it’s Metal Monday at Rogue, Jon Shorter is at JJ’s, and there’s karaoke at Powerhouse.

Get ’em, Flyers!

Did you know the Flyer has an official kickball team? It’s true, and they’re 2-0 so far for the summer season. The Fayetteville Flyers play Monday nights at Walker Park at 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Last week, they beat Unbeatable Winning Machine…of Death and The Bald & the Beautiful. Tonight, they play The Incrediballs and Judicial Ballers.

We’ve got some Flyer jerseys on order for the team, but they won’t be ready for a week or so. Go Flyers!

Happy Birthday

Locals: Carrie Fisch, Brian Sorensen, Jacked Up GuynGal, Macy Brooks, Jackson Williams, Josh Austin, Brittney Spurlock, Matej Mikle Barat, Rich Padilla, Mekenna Scott, Traci Turley Wyatt, Brandy Thomason McNair, Meagan Sellmeyer, Virginia Vega, Randy Edwards
Others: Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, is 93, former astronaut John Glenn is 90, former baseball player/manager Joe Torre is 71, singer Martha Reeves is 70, and actor Vin Diesel is 41. Also, Red Skelton (1913-1997), Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (1929-2000), and Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005).

To-do choices

Fayetteville Public Library: Backyard Wildlife Management 101
The Perk: Open acoustic jam
JJ’s Grill: Jon Shorter
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Rogue Pizza Co.: Metal Monday – Dying / Asura / Dry County Blues
Powerhouse Seafood: Karaoke

Public meetings

Mayor’s office: City Council Tour – Solid Waste and Recycling Facility – 4:30 p.m.
Room 111: Animal Services Advisory Board * – 6:00 p.m.

* Meetings scheduled to be televised by the Fayetteville Government Channel are indicated with an asterisk