Yep. Tim’s Pizza on College is closed

You were right.

On Tuesday, one of you guys said, “What was the deal with Tim’s on College this week,” then someone else said, “Tim’s Pizza on College is closed.”

So we stopped by last night and noticed the sign on the door of the restaurant that reads “closed for repair.”

Then, we ran into “Pinkerton,” who identified himself as the building owner, and who also confirmed that Tim’s Pizza is no longer a tenant at 2730 N. College Avenue.

“I’m looking for another pizza man to go in here,” said Pinkerton. “I’m already talking to a couple. We’ve got all the equipment for a pizza restaurant, and they could move right in.”

The restaurant was owned by Mike Stephens, who also owns a Tim’s location in Springdale that is still in business.

The Tim’s locations on Mission Boulevard and on the Fayetteville Square are owned and operated by different individuals, and are also still in business.