A Walmart donation of $20 million to Crystal Bridges means free admission for everyone…forever

We’re not advocating sneaking in or anything, but as of today, you don’t have to worry about paying admission to see the collection of American art assembled at Crystal Bridges. Like, ever.

That’s right. Walmart today announced that it will donate $20 million to Crystal Bridges, all of which is intended to cover the cost of admission for all visitors during the life of the museum.

“The Northwest Arkansas community is so important to us – it’s where our associates live, work and play,” said Walmart president and CEO Mike Duke. “We are excited about the cultural opportunities Crystal Bridges is bringing to our area and even more excited that our families, friends and neighbors will experience it at no cost.”

Crystal Bridges is set to open Nov. 11 of this year, and had previously been considering a $10 admission fee for adults.

Given over a period of five years, the grant is the first gift dedicated to the museum’s newly created Next Generation Fund which addresses the economic, social and cultural barriers that often prevent diverse audiences from participating in the arts.