FYI: There is a castle for sale in Fayetteville

Does anyone need a new castle?

Maybe you have a mansion that you need to upgrade? Maybe your old castle is haunted? Maybe you already have a castle, and just need a summer castle?

It just so happens that there is a castle for sale in Fayetteville, just in case you need it.

It’s located at 2991 South City Lake Road, and it’s currently owned by Joan and Bruce Johnson. According to an article about it on, the couple built the castle to showcase their hardwood carving and molding business, White River Hardwoods.

Here are some interesting facts about it.

  • It is listed for $14.3 million.
  • It is known as Dromborg Castle.
  • It is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom castle.
  • It was constructed with 4 million pounds of stone.
  • A 30-year mortgage on it, with 20% down (roughly $2.8 million) at 6% interest would run just under $70,000 per month.
  • It sits on a 100-acre piece of property.
  • At 13,000 square feet, you could fit 50 Fayetteville Flyer offices inside it.
  • It does not currently come with a moat. You’ll have to build your own.
  • It is a castle. For real.

To purchase this castle, contact Kristen Boozman at

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Hat tip to Max Brantley from Arkansas Blog for the find.