Northwest Arkansas Cheese Dip Classic postponed until 2012

Bad news, local cheese dip lovers.

The Northwest Arkansas Cheese Dip Classic scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10 in Fayetteville has been postponed (canceled).

“We have a lot of support from across the state, and this was a really difficult decision for us,” said festival director John McClure in a news release issued Wednesday. “We wanted to use our resources this year to continue helping the World Cheese Dip Championship (in Little Rock) grow so that our regional Cheese Dip Classics will reach an even wider audience in 2012.”

We’re still waiting to hear back from the organizers on a specific date for the postponed event. The release did not include a date other than “2012.”

We’re also not sure what the postponement means for the $3,800 the organization was awarded in June by the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission to help jumpstart the event. It could be that the organizers haven’t actually been given any money yet, or if they have, they might be required to put it towards next year’s event and refrain from applying in 2012.

We’ll update this post once we hear back from Mr. McClure and A&P Director Marilyn Heifner.

Update 8/24: According to Heifner, the organization hasn’t received — and won’t receive — any money from the A&P this year and will have to reapply for the 2012 season.

Update 8/25: Mr. McClure told us he’s hoping for a spring 2012 date.

Read the press release