City Council Recap: Sept. 20, 2011

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The Fayetteville City Council is still considering a revision to the city’s ward boundaries.

The Fayetteville City Council held a regular meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 20, 2011 in room 219 of City Hall located at 113 W. Mountain Street.

Below is a very brief recap of items discussed and voted on during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Roll Call

Present: Brenda Boudreaux, Mark Kinion, Matthew Petty, Mayor Jordan, Bobby Ferrell, Rhonda Adams, Sarah Lewis
Absent: Adella Gray, Justin Tennant

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee provided the council with its selections for several open board and committee positions. The following candidates were appointed and approved by the council Tuesday night:

Mary Herrington – Animal Services Advisory Board
David Holland – Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals
Anthony Clark – Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals
Meredith Lewis – Environmental Action Committee
Cyd King – Fayetteville Arts Council
Mitchell Spearman – Telecommunications Board
Catherine Wallack – Historic District Commission (Mayor-recommended seat)
*There were no applications received for the open Board of Adjustments and Appeals positions


All six consent items passed the council Tuesday night.

Public Hearing

After the consent items were addressed, a public hearing was held regarding the city’s monthly sewer rates, specifically reducing the industrial biological oxygen demand surcharge from $0.4421 per pound to $0.3145 per pound. There was no public comment.

Unfinished Business

  1. Monthly Sewer Rates: An ordinance amending section 51.137 Monthly Sewer Rates of the Code of Fayetteville by reducing certain extra strength surcharges to sewer rates, and providing for an effective date. (Pass 6-0)
  2. Revised Ward Boundaries: A resolution to approve revised ward boundaries to equalize ward populations after the 2010 Federal Census. (Tabled indefinitelySuggested by city attorney who said the issue should be an ordinance to amend instead of a resolution)

New Business

  1. Ordinance approving the Revised Ward Boundaries proposal. (Left on 2nd readingTo allow election commission to weigh in on an alderman’s suggestion to push the effective date to mid-2012.)
  2. AEP/SWEPCO & Ozarks Electric: – An ordinance waiving competitive bidding for current and future payments to/contracts with AEP/SWEPCO and Ozarks Electric Cooperative for the relocation costs for electric utility poles and power lines necessitated by road reconstruction or widening projects. (Pass 6-0)
  3. Amend Chapter 34: An ordinance amending section 34.25: Sales of Article II: Purchase and Sale of City Property; contracts of Chapter 34: Finance and Revenue of the Code of Fayetteville. (Pass 6-0)
  4. RZN 11-3866: An ordinance rezoning 28.93 acres of property at 2013 E. Mission Blvd. from R-PZD, to CS, NC, and RSF-4. (Left on 2nd readingTo allow applicant to amend Bill of Assurance)
  5. RZN 11-3901: An ordinance rezoning 16.24 acres of property at 811 and 833 S. Beechwood Ave. from I-1 and I-2, to CS. (Pass 6-0)
  6. ADM 11-3941: An ordinance amending a residential planned zoning district for 4.68 acres at the end of Shepard Ln. adjacent to Frontage Road. (Pass 6-0)

Final Agenda

Download the agenda