Fayetteville wins three America In Bloom Awards

Staff photo

For the seventh consecutive year, the City of Fayetteville has been acknowledged by America in Bloom, a nationwide competition that matches cities in size and population to promote beautification and environmental awareness.

Cindi Cope, Chair of the Fayetteville in Bloom program, accepted the awards, and presented them to Major Lioneld Jordan at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Fayetteville received the Criteria Award for Turf and Groundcover, the National Champion for the Population Category of over 50,000, and a special award for Greatest Number of Years in the AIB Program in 2011.

Communities that enter are evaluated for floral displays, heritage preservation, landscaped areas, community involvement, environmental effort, urban forestry, turf and ground covers and tidiness.

Judges from America in Bloom visited Fayetteville this summer, and toured the city’s trail system, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and other outdoor areas.

Fayetteville in Bloom is a volunteer-driven organization that promotes sustainability, heritage preservation, urban forestry, community invovlement and beautification projects.

For more information on America in Bloom, visit americainbloom.org.