Fayetteville Police: No cell phone use in construction zones

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
Signs warn drivers of a detour on Garland Avenue where crews are installing a 270-foot-long pedestrian tunnel under the roadway at Agri Park.

Fayetteville police are reminding motorists to slow down and keep their phones put away while driving in construction zones, particularly along Garland Avenue where crews are building a trail tunnel under the roadway near Agri Park.

A new Arkansas law prohibits the use of handheld cellular phones while driving in schools zones and highway work zones when children and workers are present.

The new law, titled Act 37, is a secondary offense, meaning another type of traffic violation must occur before drivers can be stopped by police.

The restrictions were signed by Governor Beebe in February 2011 and went into effect on Oct. 1.

One exception to the law is that drivers are allowed to use cell phones in an emergency situation.

According to a news release issued this week, Fayetteville police will be monitoring the construction zone on Garland Avenue as well as other restricted zones.