Quiet Life’s visit to Fayetteville ‘petroleum-free’

Screen capture
Members of the band Quiet Life collect used vegetable oil from a restaurant receptacle. The band is currently on ‘petroleum free’ tour with Dr. Dog

When Portland-based band Quiet Life arrives in Fayetteville to open for Dr. Dog at George’s, they’ll have made their entire trip without using a drop of gasoline.

The band is in the middle of a tour that will cover much of the country in a van that has been powered entirely by used vegetable oil.

Videographer Colin Shane captured the band’s petroleum-free journey in his short video, “Freedom Fuel: A Petroleum Free Tour.”

“My friend Jared calls waste vegetable oil ‘freedom fuel’ because he says when you’re running on grease, you can feel completely free, that you can go anywhere at no cost,” says the narrator of the video. “It’s a pretty beautiful thing.”

Tickets to the show are on sale at George’s ticketing site.

The band will be looking for more grease while they’re in town. To donate used vegetable oil to the cause, contact them at [email protected].

Freedom Fuel: A Petroleum Free Tour

Freedom Fuel: A Petroleum Free Tour from Quiet Life on Vimeo.