Arkansas voters approve $575 million highway bond renewal

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Sections of nearly every Arkansas interstate, including I-540, will be improved or widened as part of a recent bond renewal.

Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved a bond renewal program to improve interstate highways in the state during a special election Tuesday.

The bonds, funded by an existing 4-cent state diesel tax, will generate $575 million for repairs.

Sections of nearly every interstate, including I-540 interchanges between Fayetteville and Bella Vista, will be improved or widened as part of the work.

“Based on preliminary cost and mileage estimates developed by the AHTD staff, we believe we can improve well over 400 miles of Interstates under this proposal,” said Scott Bennett, director of the state Highway and Transportation Department in a statement. “We also believe we will be able to exceed $1 billion in work.”

About 80 percent of those voting cast ballots in favor of the measure.