3 Penny Acre, local foods make up ‘Pre-Thanksgiving’ tradition at Greenhouse Grille

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew
3 Penny Acre performs during First Thursday on the Fayetteville square in October 2011.

Whether they realized it or not, Greenhouse Grille owners Jerrmy Gawthrope and Clayton Suttle stumbled across a universal truth five years ago; Nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to cook on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

The early arrival of out-of-town relatives, refrigerators full or turkey and stuffing, and the general need for a break before the main-cooking-event are all factors that make Thanksgiving Eve the least desirable cooking day of the year.

The same factors, however, have helped create a very successful tradition for the Mill District restauranteurs; their annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner.

“We definitely feel like we’ve invented a holiday around here,” Gawthrope told us recently. “Seriously. Who wants to cook the Wednesday before Thanksgiving?”

Apparently Gawthrope doesn’t mind. Each year, he creates an extensive special menu of mostly local and organic foods that he and his staff prepare for the occasion.

“It’s just a fun tradition for us,” he said. “It’s always a great group of people, great food, great music. Just a really good time.”

Fayetteville band 3 Penny Acre have also been a part of the tradition. The local favorites have performed during the event each year since it began five years ago.

“It’s become a special occasion for us,” Bernice Hembree from the band said. “It’s usually one of our last shows of the year, my parents will be there. It’s always nice to settle back with all of our friends and family at Greenhouse Grille.”

There are no tickets needed to the event, but dinner reservations typically fill up quickly. The first seatings of the evening begin at 5 p.m.

For reservations, or for more information, call 479-444-8909.