VENUE ANNOUNCED: Girl Talk to play ‘secret’ show in Fayetteville this Friday, Dec. 2

Courtesy photo by Paul Sobota,
Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk will play in Fayetteville on Friday, Dec. 2.

Update: According to the venue owner (and the marquee), the Girl Talk show will take place at the Dickson Theater. Doors open at 9 p.m.

No location has been announced, but looks like Girl Talk will play in town this Friday, Dec. 2.

Venue announced

The mashup artist has played some “secret” shows in college towns (Tuscaloosa, Starkville) lately, and a post on the AXE Facebook page indicates the tour will stop in Fayetteville on Friday night.

A reliable source tells us no tickets will be sold for the show. Instead, about 400 tickets will be given away for free at an AXE mobile truck somewhere on the University of Arkansas campus on Thursday, Dec. 1.

Details will likely appear on the @AXE Twitter feed or on Facebook (that’s how it’s worked in other cities).

We’ll let you know if we find out more.