Checking In: Color Club

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Former Fayetteville band Color Club will be back in town with Little Rock’s RIOTS on Saturday, Dec. 17 at The Lightbulb Club.

Color Club were my favorite kind of punk rock – catchy, noisy, topical, and involved. I was as much a fan of their music as I was a fan of what they did for Fayetteville as people – which was bring touring bands to town (to the New Deli(RIP)), and promote local bands on KXUA.

That kind of involvement is dying, and that kind of DIY ethic is dying with it.

When Color Club disbanded, its members (Anna Wingfield, Melanie King, Jordan Bennett-Wolf) moved to Little Rock to teach, work, marry, etc. Needless to say I didn’t think they would get back together.

They proved me wrong, though, and they re-grouped in Little Rock. They wrote, and are still writing better songs. They’re still my favorite kind of punk rock. They make things happen, and they do it with style and grace. Luckily for me, and you, and Fayetteville, Color Club will be back Saturday, Dec. 17 for a show at the Lightbulb Club. The cover is $3, but feel free to pay more as it all goes to help fund a Color
Club record with fellow Little Rock band RIOTS.

Say hi, hear two great bands, and help a record get made.

I asked Color Club some questions and they got back to me after band practice.

Fayetteville Flyer: Color Club is one of my favorite Arkansas bands. How has the transition from Fayetteville to Little Rock been?

Color Club: It’s been real REAL. Real jobs, real bills, real lives, real big
people stuff.

FF: Keeping bands together is difficult. How did Color Club get back together after the break in action?

CC: Let’s just say we hit an emotional, physical, and spiritual rock bottom. It’s only up from here. Really we are just rocker sisters at heart and couldn’t stay apart!

Color Club

FF: Has the change of location affected the songwriting?

CC: Only in the best way. We will take this time to give a shout out to our favorite Little Rock radio station, The Heartbeat 106.7. Jams by Klymaxx, Sister Sledge, the Pointer Sisters, and all the other sisters have inspired our new set.

FF: What have you been writing about lately?

CC: Fax machines, love lessons, record labels who build false hope, and long lasting friendship.

FF: What are the non-musical influences of the band?

CC: Kittens, beer, puppies and grown dawgs, babies, toddlers, middle schoolers, the terrible twos, teenage angst, sandwich making, art making, fourth graders, sequin micro shorts, rollerskates, hula hoops, mexican food, and that’s all we are contractually obligated to discuss at this time.

FF: Do you still play Lisa Frank? How are the new songs vs. the old songs?

CC: Lisa Frank is dead. Our new songs are groovin and hopefully
better then our past jams.

FF: You’re playing a show with RIOTS, what’s the scoop on RIOTS?

CC: RIOTS is an acronym that stands for several things, depending on the time, day, mood, and temperature. Sometimes it means Ride In On The Shark. They are spunk and one of our favorite Little Rock bands right now. RIOTS is Everett Hagen, Will Boyd, Mark Lierly, and Alan Disaster.

FF: What’s the story behind the Color Club/RIOTS split record? Details, please.

CC: RIOTS is totally in charge of it and if it doesn’t happen blame them. Actually, we are trying to record with Tracy Prince over the Christmas break, and will hopefully get the ball rolling on pressing our record by Spring. The shows we are playing with RIOTS will all go towards that effort.

FF: Who do you want to see at the Fayetteville show?

CC: Alice Walton. Alice, we will play any request you might have.

Color Club and RIOTS

Date: Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011
Time: 9 p.m.
Venue: The Lightbulb Club, 21 N. Block Ave.
Cost: $3 (or more, if you can)