Council approves 4.4 miles of sidewalk improvements for 2012

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
The city’s Transportation Division will construct or repair over four miles of sidewalks in 2012, including a short stretch of broken walkway on Mountain Street near the Fayetteville Public Library.

Fayetteville residents can expect to see over four miles of sidewalk improvements in 2012.

The City Council this week approved a proposal list from the city’s Transportation Division that includes over 30 improvement projects in all four of Fayetteville’s wards.

The largest projects include construction of a 2,250-foot stretch of sidewalk on Oakland Avenue between Sycamore Street and Mt. Comfort Road, and a 2,185-foot stretch on Spring Street from College Avenue to Fletcher Avenue.

The project list includes a total of 23,411 linear feet (4.4 miles) summarized by ward as follows:
Ward 1 – 4,045 feet
Ward 2 – 12,509 feet
Ward 3 – 2,645 feet
Ward 4 – 4,212 feet

2012 Sidewalk Improvement Project Locations and Lengths

Ward 1FromToLength
Curtis Ave.Sandy Dr.Fifteenth St.250 ft.
Eden Cir.Cul-de-sacClover Dr.250 ft.
Huntsville Rd.Blair Ave.Morningside Dr.500 ft.
Morningside Dr.Huntsville Rd.Fairlane St.610 ft.
Spring St.College Ave.Fletcher Ave.2,185 ft.
Misc. Repairs  250 ft.
Ward 2FromToLength
Ash St.Rayview Dr.Walnut Ave.480 ft.
Center St.alleyCollege Ave.550 ft.
College Ave.Center St.Mountain St.250 ft.
Davidson St.Park Ave.College Ave.850 ft.
Dickson St.Arkansas Ave.West Ave.80 ft.
Forest Ave.Louise St.Maple St.1,350 ft.
Lafayette St.Washington Ave.Willow Ave.100 ft.
Mountain St.School Ave.existing100 ft.
Mountain St.alleyCollege Ave.280 ft.
Park Ave.North St.Prospect St.1,275 ft.
Prospect St.Frisco Ave.Gregg Ave.225 ft.
School Ave.Spring St.Center St.725 ft.
Sycamore St.College Ave.Walnut Ave.300 ft.
Walnut Ave.Ash St.Sycamore St.1,100 ft.
Lawson St.*Porter Rd.Sang Ave.520 ft.
Mt. Comfort Rd.*Stephens Ave.Garland Ave.1,824 ft.
Oakland Ave.*Sycamore St.Mt. Comfort Rd.2,250 ft.
Misc. Repairs  250 ft.
Ward 3FromToLength
Mission Blvd.Vandergriff Dr.Starr Dr.920 ft.
Mission Blvd.Starr Dr.Covington Park1,275 ft.
Woodland Ave.Poplar St.Sycamore St.200 ft.
Misc. Repairs  250 ft.
Ward 4FromToLength
Razorback Rd.Cleveland St.Maple St.1,310 ft.
Salem Rd.Old Town Ln.Earnhart Dr.460 ft.
Salem Rd.Bentgrass Rd.Clabber Creek Blvd.317 ft.
Center St.*Hartman Ave.Razorback Rd.825 ft.
Fifteenth St.*Beechwood Ave.Razorback Rd.1,050 ft.
Misc. Repairs  250 ft.

Note: A few of the above projects were slated for 2011, but were pushed back for various reasons including weather delays.

* Indicates projects funded by a grant through Ozark Regional Transit. City staff noted that of the five ORT projects listed, some may not be completed this year due to potential funding issues. The tentative priority order for ORT projects is as follows: Fifteenth Street, Oakland Avenue, Mt. Comfort Road, Lawson Street, Center Street.

Source: Staff report