Latest Google Maps images capture Fayetteville during Bikes, Blues & BBQ

We’re not exactly sure when, but Google recently updated some of its close-up map imagery of Fayetteville, and they happened to catch the city at a rather unique time.

Satellite images of downtown Fayetteville on the popular mapping service were clearly taken during the 2011 Bikes, Blues, & BBQ rally.

The images begin to show up once you zoom in to the fourth-closest level in the Dickson Street area, and can also be seen at other Bikes, Blues & BBQ venues including the Washington County Fairgrounds and Baum Stadium.

It appears to us that the images were taken early in the 2011 rally, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when.

The cameras also captured a train on the tracks near the intersection of Dickson Street, and a giant inflatable beer bottle on top of Hog Haus.

Those are just some of our observations. Anyone find anything else interesting in the new satellite imagery?


Dickson Street area

Washington County Fairgrounds

Baum Stadium

Dickson Street